Discover the wonder world of teas

"Discover the Wonder World of Teas: The Magic of the Right Variety at the Right Time."

Did you know that there is a tea for almost every time of day? Dive with us into the world of teas and find out which tea best suits your daily rhythm

In the morning, the world wakes up with a sip of energy: Ideally, start the day with a caffeinated tea. Green or black tea are unbeatable options here. Unlike coffee, they also work 2-3 hours longer to give you the perfect start to the day.

After a high-energy day, we recommend you reach for a herbal tea at lunchtime. If you've had one spoonful too many at lunch, peppermint tea will help you gently stimulate digestion.

For the evening it is important to come to rest. Avoid vitalizing or detoxifying teas, otherwise your body will not be able to rest. Instead, choose alkaline teas that prepare your body for sleep and balance your acid-base balance. Here are some of our recommendations: